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At Make it Perfect Weddings and Events , we offer a complimentary taste testing to all of our Bride and Grooms to-be who book us for their wedding catering. This also applies to event planners looking for that special caterer for their party or private dining experience.


If however you would like to dine with us prior to making a booking, we require a £75 up front fee to cover food costs and preparation. The tasting can be for up to 4 people maximum.


We are happy to offer our clients and potential clients a tasting preview of their custom menu, provided a few guidelines are mutually agreed upon. We are a catering company exclusively, and do not operate a restaurant. When we schedule a tasting, we employ our chef and other staff to prepare this meal especially for you. We are really proud of our food quality (it’s one of our bottom lines!) and we think the best way to learn about our food is to taste it.


FAQ about formal tastings with Make it Perfect Weddings and Events


Q. Can I bring family and/or friends with me to the tasting?

Yes! We can accommodate up to a total of four attendees at a destination of your choice


Q. How many menu items can we taste?

We ask that you limit your menu selections to no more than 8 canapes, 3 starters, 2 mains and 2 desserts.


Q. Can we ask about and possibly taste custom menu items?

Yes! While there are certainly limitations to what the chefs are comfortable customizing it is often possible to slightly augment a specific dish to better suit your tastes or dietary restrictions. Sometimes we do require more lead time for the chefs to develop recipes and/or source product. It will also potentially impact the final price of the menu item for the event.


Q. Is there a charge for the tasting if we have already booked with you?

Yes, the £75 fee covers our food and preparation costs


Q. Do I need to be booked with you to plan a tasting?

No! Again, we feel tasting our food will be to our benefit in your decision making process about which caterer is right for you.

There is a £75 sur charge for each tasting session (up to 4 people).


Q. How much advance notice do you need to schedule our tasting?

We ask for at least two weeks notice and some dates might not be available based on the volume of business we are doing that day

Contact Us to arrange a Tasting Session