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Make It Perfect

Weddings & Events

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French cuisine Chef with twenty three years professional culinary experience in complicated, high volume enviroment. A calm, pleasant, helpful and hardworking individual who has a passion for great food and who enjoys cooking mouth watering dishes. Ward gets a real buzz out of working in a busy kitchen, and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying a good meal that he has cooked. As a natural leader he is not only able to give orders and delegate tasks, but is also able to reliably carry out orders as well. As an experienced Chef he has a proven track record of making great food that will entice diners and leave them wanting more. He loves the freedom of expression that cooking gives him and is willing to work hard to build a career in the culinary world

Ward Burkill - Head Chef

Professional Summary


  • Skillful menu development

  • Accomplished in large event catering

  • Extensive food/beverage knowledge

  • Asian cuisine expertise

  • Special event catering professional

  • Kitchen management

  • Valid UK driver's licence

  • Supply management capability

  • Food Handler Certificate

  • Food Safety Certified

  • Knowledge of assigned diets

  • Strong time management skills

Work History

Managing Director, 01/2009 to Current

Make it perfect weddings and events – Lincolnshire

After leaving Longueville Manor, the agenda was to start looking for my own restaurant where at the time I was highly ambitious and wanting to carve out my own restaurant and future. By this time I had established myself as one of the best young chefs in the country and the future was looking bright. I was regularly starting to get asked about private dining and cooking for certain people and guests for holidays, dinner parties etc. So by chance this was how I ended up where I am today. Firstly, I created my first company

'The private chef', where I operated mostly on my own, catering for private functions and doing work for some very highly figures indeed. Through the years of learning this new business lead me to where I am today having created 'Make it Perfect' as a new business venture where we are able to offer our clientele everything from corporate catering to venue styling, weddings, events and much more.



Senior sous chef, 03/2007 to 12/2008

Longue Ville Manor 5***** Relais Chatuex – Jersey

After a meeting with head chef Andrew Baird, I decided to leave Petrus and went to live in Jersey and take my first senior position at this highly acclaimed restauarant and hotel in Jersey. Andrew was the executive head chef and after it was me. My duties were to run the restaurant, creating an a la carte menu and my main objective was to bring up to speed the restaurant and try to push the boundaries. Jersey had probably the best fish produce I had ever seen and this featured highly on our menu.

Key skills;

  • Managed kitchen staff by recruiting, selecting, hiring, orienting, training, assigning, scheduling, supervising, evaluating and enforcing discipline when necessary.

  • Reduced food costs by 10 percent by using seasonal ingredients, setting standards for portion size and minimizing waste.

  • Maintained a skilled kitchen staff by properly coaching, counseling and disciplining employees.

  • Developed menus, pricing and special food offerings to increase revenue and customer satisfaction.



Chef de partie, 01/2006 to 04/2007

Petrus 2 ** Michelin – London

I returned back to work at the highly acclaimed restaurant 'Petrus' under the head chef Marcus Wearing where I learned a lot, especially with it being so accurate and finely executed. The flavors were immense and presentation was at its highest. Marcus taught me a great deal in preparation and execution of cooking the finest ingredients. I prepared food items consistently and in compliance with recipes, portioning, cooking and waste control guidelines. Maintained smooth and timely operations in preparation and delivery of meals and kitchen sanitation.



Chef de partie, 04/2005 to 12/2005

1* Michelin Nobu– London

After leaving France, I secured a job as a  chef de partie in this new concept and innovative restaurant. I learnt lots and lots of new techniques and was fascinated by the Japanese ingredients and lightness and flavours of each dish. At times it felt like i was a commis chef once more due to the techniques involved, the language barrier and ingredients but was more than happy to just learn once more new techniques and ideas. I only worked on Parklane so soon became familar with my old friends from L'Oranger who were all now once more working for Gordon Ramsay as well as my flat mate so eventually I ended up going back with lots of persuasion although I was happy at Nobu I was often ridiculed by my mates and in the end I was going back like it or not.

Key skills;

  • Performed other tasks as assigned by the sous chef or chef



Chef de partie, 06/2004 to 04/2005

2** mitchelin Chateaux de montruill – France

I started my job working on the fish section in this award winning 40 seat restaurant serving the most beautiful fish dishes I had ever created. I learnt how to prepare all aspects of filleting and we received great fish daily from the shores of Normanby. After 3 months I moved onto the starter section where things fell into place and I went on to run this section with 3 other chefs and was solely in charge of all starters leaving the kitchen. The service was solely run in French and I was able to keep up and eventually spent alot of time with the chef / patron Mr Christian Germain creating new menu ideas and I eventually had 4 of my own dishes on the menu. This was some personal achievement for me as you can guess the problems I had to start with being English and working in a very high profile restaurant with a totally French team. After a brief stint, London was calling in my ears once more and I had heard of a new French /Japanese restaurant which had gained 1 * Michelin and I was really interested in this style. France was great, but for some reason all the expectations were no longer there as I had realised that the English could cook too.

Key skills;

  • Responsible for the design and preparation of all menu items for private home/office setting.



Pastry chef, 03/2002 to 05/2004

5***** Hotel Alex – Zermatt, Switzerland

With the restaurant L'Oranger having closed down, we were all offered new positions within the newly formed 'Gordon Ramsay Ltd' but had to wait 6 months until Gordon was able to open his new restaurant  'Gordon Ramsay' at the old site of Pierre Koffman's on Royal Hospital road. Due to the uncertainty of a start date I ended up taking the opportunity with the help of Germain Schwab of going to work in Switzerland where I wanted to use it as a stepping stone before I eventually went to France. Learning the language was as important to me as learning cooking techniques as this would be a major coup for when I was ready to go to France. I ended up staying in Switzerland for just over two years and thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I started off working as a chef de partie in the pastry and within a year was promoted to pastry chef where my duties included running a section with 3 other chefs, creating all desserts for the a la carte menu, menu planning and costings. I learned here lots of traditional French techniques of making such classic French desserts and head chef Mr Freddie Fisher taught me the importance of doing things correctly with lots of flair and executing fine desserts with the importance of taste and textures. After two years my French was a lot better now and I was able to communicate correctly within my team so it was decided my time was ready to up sticks once more and start my journey to the capital of haute cuisine, Paris, France.

Key skills;

  • Managed food delivery for 200+ guests for special events Ensured freshness of food and ingredients by checking for quality, keeping track of old and new items, and rotating stock



Chef de partie, 05/2001 to 02/2002

L'Oranger 1* Michelin – London

After leaving the Savoy, my desire was to work with an up and coming chef, a certain 'Gordon Ramsay'. I started working here in the pastry kitchen under a very good French Parisian pastry chef. My main daily duties were to make all the ice creams and sorbets for service. Plus lemon tarts, creme brulee's and chocolate tarts for the a la carte menu. I was to run the pastry section each weekend and was solely in charge for every Saturday night service because the pastry chef had every weekend off so here I learned the importance of being highly organised and executing the desserts to a very high standard. I really enjoyed my time at L'Oranger but due to unforeseen circumstances my chef Gordon Ramsay had a major fall out with the restaurant owners 'A TO Z' and the staff all walked out in support of Gordon Ramsay so this chapter came to a sudden halt.

Key skills;

  • Trained new employees Maintained kitchen work areas, equipment, and utensils in clean and orderly condition


Commis chef, 08/1999 to 04/2001

Savoy 5***** – London

Having decided I wanted to leave home and start my culinary adventure with the help of Germain and Annie we decided London would be a great next location and a 5 ***** hotel would be ideal in helping me to reach that next level as a chef and teach me the importance of catering for the larger volume of clientele but also providing a great service. My first port of call was to work on the cold starter section where I learnt culinary classics such as dressed crab, Caesar salad, smoked salmon plates and how to serve caviar properly. I then throughout my two year stay went on to work on the vegetable section, hot starters, grill and larder section mastering techniques such as making terrines and pates, preparing seafood, learning about the traditional different cuts of meats such as Tornados, Entrecote, Barnsley chops and Chateauxbriands. After working at the Savoy under David Sharland and then Simon Scott after 2 years I decided I wanted to return to a restaurant where I felt more comfortable and could showcase my skills on a more personal level.

Key skills;

  • Responsible for all garnishes for main courses, pasta, soups and potages.



Commis chef, 08/1996 to 06/1999

Winteringham Fields 2** Michelin – Lincolnshire

Here I worked for 3 years under the guidance of head chef/patron Germain Schwab learning the basics and understandings of French/haute cuisine. My duties working on the garnish section were learning all the classical vegetable garnishes, salad preparations, doing daily lunch and dinner service and ordering. I later went on to work in both the pastry kitchen and eventually alongside Germain himself on the sauce section, where my duties included preparing all the meat, making the sauces and preparing the herbs. Germain taught me a fundamental flaw in many chefs vocabulary with the insistance on using fresh local produce and the art of seasoning and most important tasting.

Key skills;

  • Displayed enthusiasm and knowledge about the restaurant's menu and products.

  • Followed all safety and sanitation policies when handling food and beverage to uphold proper health standards.

  • Peeled, washed, trimmed, and cooked vegetables and meats, and baked breads and pastries


High School Diploma: 1996

Winterton Comprehensive - Lincolnshire


GCSE grade C or above in Maths and English

City n Guilds - Professional Cookery

Junior Masterchef Finalist (T.V Rounds)

Level 1 and 2 in Food Safety/Better Management